Walking Meditation – The Villages, FL Polo Field

What a beautiful morning we had for our Walking Meditation! It was 65 degrees, clear blue sky, breeze blowing lightly on our skin — we couldn’t ask for a better setting. Walking Meditation is an incredibly simple way to notice very clearly what takes us out of our center, out of balance, and out of our being. We’re able to discover this when a thought enters our mind – how it throws us off balance while walking. We notice the movements and sounds around us in this setting with our eyes and ears, but as we remain focused on our walking, the sounds and the sights do not bother us. I have found no other simpler way to meditate than to do a focused, slow walking meditation. It can be so very revealing — it’s absolutely priceless! We discover this life force energy that runs through us and we embody our living presence with grace, gratitude, and humility.

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