Existence has no language and if you depend on language there can be no communication with existence. Existence is a mystery, you cannot interpret it – If you interpret, you miss. Existence can be lived, but not thought about … It is more like poetry, less like philosophy. It is a sign, it is a door. It shows, but it says nothing.

That’s why, through mind … there is no approach to existence …
If you think about it, you can go on thinking and thinking, about and about, but you will never reach it because it is precisely thinking that is the barrier.

Look! See! Feel! Touch! … You will be nearer … But don’t think …
The moment thinking enters, you are thrown off the track, then you live in a private world. Thinking is a private world; it belongs to you. Then you are enclosed, encapsulated, imprisoned within yourself.

Osho 🌿

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