Thank You for Your Gift!

It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by of us meeting every week for our Energy Meditation sessions.  We’ve had a great year of gathering together where I have thoroughly enjoyed facilitating the group with mindfulness reminders as well as many wonderful speakers, some of whom have been here before and some new ones.  As always, I am thrilled that all of you join me each week to practice the art of self-awareness and meditation.  And I know that you are all touching many other lives with what we do each week.

I’d like to thank all of you for your thoughtfulness and your kind gift of appreciation.  I will never forget the  Wednesday where the room was set up in a circle and a $20 bill was neatly tucked into Milt Silverman’s tie.  It was just so odd that he was sitting with a smirk on his face with this $20 bill hanging onto his tie!  I did suspect something was going on but didn’t really notice the manila envelope that was being passed around the room.

Again, thank you all for all of your wonderful support and kind gift!  It is with much pleasure and so much joy that I can’t wait to begin meeting again on Wednesdays in 2019!

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