Meet Your Self Within

Notice when you have thoughts – that you are always reaching for something:

  • For an answer.
  • You wonder why.
  • You wonder when, how, if, etc.

You feel unstable – unprotected – unwanted – misplaced, perhaps.

When you turn your attention inwards – in other words:

  • Unto your self.

Notice what happens…….

I call it – “meeting your self within” or “folding into your self”:

  • The bigger you
  • The grander you

If you will notice, there is NO questioning here.

There is NO doubt here.

There is NO discomfort here.

Just you.

The observer.

The witness of it all.

Call it whatever you wish, but you become the witness – or rather you become AWARE that you are witnessing.

Your perspective shifts.

Something happens.

You feel different.

The mind stops questioning.

You feel complete, whole.

Even warm and fuzzy.

What matters now?


Only this.

Only this Moment.

This awareness.

This Presence.



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