Whether consciously or not, everything we do begins with an intention.  When we are unconscious to what we are doing or telling ourselves, we are scattering our energies everywhere but where we want to be.  When we live with intent, we learn to consciously plant seeds and be in true alignment with our deeper purpose – our life has value and a deeper meaning.  Remembering to stop, slow down, take a few present moment breaths in, can remind us of this.

When we live with intention, and more particularly, in alignment with our intention, we are simply being present in life – in the many moments that consist of our life’s journey.  We are never living outside of each moment; we are always here in the moment – it is our mind that takes us elsewhere.

Living with intention is bringing our attention to the present moment.  It is a gift and an honor to live with intention in the moment.  There is a sacredness to taking an ideal that we wish to manifest and truly embracing this ideal for however long it takes to manifest.  We can forget about what we want to manifest because we become so engrossed in the moments of the process or journey through each day, through our attention to the moments of the experiences of each day.

We make a statement to ourselves telling our subconscious this is what we wish to manifest or happen.  We let go and trust in the outcome.  And now our part is to be present in life – in the moments.  We’re not wishing or hoping for something to manifest.  We are moving through each and every experience with awareness.  We are trusting in our every move.  We do not scatter our energies with senseless thoughts of doubts.

Try it sometime and you’ll see.  There’s nothing like the experience to make you believe this to be true.

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