Wednesday, FEBRUARY 20, 2019
Lake Miona Recreation Center
9:00 – 10:30 a.m.

Carol Chambers‘ journey has been mysterious, wild and liberating!  Her spiritual pathways have taken her from a small child struggling to live within the contradictions of good and evil, to a conservative ordained  minister, and then through many paths to a home-grown, spirit-led shaman and Reiki practitioner.  The mental illnesses with which she lives with have radically influenced her life, yet through her energy work, she has found stability and wholeness grounded within the strong branches and roots of her personal Tree of Life.  While she did not fully understand it, she thinks she instinctively knew that her search for a meaningful spiritual experience was interwoven with her struggle with various forms of mental illness.
Mental illness touches almost everyone either through personal experience or by standing along side someone you love.  Energy work is a powerful ally in any journey that includes mental illness in its many forms.
This is a life-giving presentation by someone who has walked all sides of the journey.  We will talk and share some of the insights Carol has gained over the decades of her life and experience, along with experiencing a powerful three-fold meditation including Reiki (Universal Energy), Celtic Chakra work and an enlightening brief Shamanic Journey.
Carol’s education includes a degree in voice, a Master of Divinity Degree with specialties in Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Formation and a Masters’ Degree in Religion.  She has worked mostly in the fields of child welfare and domestic violence in New York.  She is a retired pastor.  Her journey has been tumultuous and deepening, weaving in a spiral path from conservative Christianity to Reiki, Shamanism and Celtic Energy Work.
 She is a Level III Reiki practitioner, a certified Animal Reiki practitioner, and a Shaman-in-Training.  She is an artist, poet, writer, musician, and an active blogger at www.thetenderjourney.com.  Carol lives in The Villages and is a member of The Energy Meditation Group!  Her first book, Spirals of Storm and Spirit:  The Mystical Web of Mental Illness and Sacred Transformation will be published in late Spring/early Summer.

Wednesday, MARCH 6, 2019
Lake Miona Recreation Center
9:00 – 10:30 a.m.
Janet Savage presents
MEANING – MOVEMENT – MEDITATION:   It Takes the Whole of You to Live on Purpose! 
MEANING – Let your hands guide you to a place of deeper meaning.
MOVEMENT – Move with the group using your hands to find a deeper connection.
MEDITATION – Meditate to go deeper within yourself.
Do you know your:
  • Personal design for success and happiness?
  • What’s getting in the way of living authentically every day?
  • The secret to assuring healthy relationships?
  • Your special formula to help you cope with the stresses of every day life?

The answers are all in your hands!  Let’s invite your body wisdom, your soul wisdom and your mental wisdom to the group.  Leave inspired to celebrate your life everyday.

To learn more about Hand Analysis and Janet, please visit www.handtales.com.

If you would like to host or participate in a private Hand Reading Circle during the month of February/early March, contact Janet at janet@handtales.com.