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The purpose and intent of The Energy Meditation Group is to provide a setting in which to learn and experience the energetic beings that we are.  Through self awareness, we begin to know this invisible realm which pervades our very being.  Awareness of self brings about the inner peace that we are all wanting, not to mention clarity vitality, and joy.

We meet weekly and practice light energy exercises along with various breathing techniques.  This is followed by a guided meditation, which is sure to provide peacefulness and equanimity to your entire being.  Once or twice a month, we have a speaker who can add a different dimension to our discovery of self-awareness.

Any resident or guest of The Villages is welcome to the Energy Meditation Group.  There is no fee.  For your comfort, please dress comfortably.  Also, please refrain from wearing perfumes while attending.

Nancie Leon is a registered Karuna™ Reiki Master Teacher and a Reconnective® Healing Practitioner.  She has studied in the Cleveland, OH area various meditation and stress reducing techniques.  She is an Access Technician for The BodyTalk System™ of healing as well as a student of various meditation breathing techniques including the Happiness Program through the Art of Living Foundation.  She most recently has become a  Gene Keys Ambassador for the Gene Keys Society.  The Gene Keys Society was created for the Advancement of Humanity which offers a powerful and tested path for individuals and groups to advance to a higher level of consciousness.  This is achieved through self-awareness and deep contemplative practice.

Nancie enjoys teaching others what they can do to be more conscious of their health through energy awareness.  You can contact her at nancieleon@aol.com.

The Energy Meditation Group was formed in August of 2008.

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