Due to the after effects of hurricane Irma, The Energy Meditation Group meeting will be CANCELLED tomorrow, September 13th.

All recreation centers in The Villages are closed until further notice as they assess all for safety.

We will resume Wednesday, September 20th, unless otherwise specified.

Thank you,

Nancie L. Leon

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Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation, The Villages Polo Field – September 1, 2017

Another successful walking meditation last Friday, September 1st!  All participants reported that they had a good experience with the walk. Walking meditation can help so much with realizing how much our mind takes us away from the present moment, takes us off balance, takes us out of our body and into the past and future. Being in nature and focusing on the movement through walking brings one’s energy firmly into the moment bringing much peace, 😊 clarity, and contentment – not to mention the health benefits. All the energies of the body balance and one can really feel the difference after leaving the walk and going on with their day.

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Walking Meditation Practice

Our Walking Meditation practice was in Saturday’s (8/26/17) Daily Sun!  Here we are going through the motions of a slow-walking meditation for one of the Sun’s news reporters.  This meditation is so incredibly simple to do and you can learn a lot about your self and the way your mind operates in a very short amount of time.  It just takes some slowing down to discover this and walking meditation is a great way to do it.

There are three different things that one can focus on to keep the mind in the present moment.  The first is on the steps that we take.  We begin with the left leg and take one slow step with our breath in.  Once we set that foot down, we pause for a brief moment, grounding our feet to the earth.  Then, as we pick up the right leg, we breathe out and continue with the out-breath until we set that foot onto the earth. Our focus again is on the movement of picking one foot up and then down, pausing, then picking up the other foot and placing it down.

The next focal point can be on some words.  Some suggested words are:  “Breathe in, breathe out.”  “I am here, in the now.”  Or “I have arrived, I am home.”  Whatever words come to you is fine.  Make it easy on yourself.

I find that the last focus is actually the breath.  If we try to do this first, I find that I’m hesitant or trying to get a feel for the breath or I am making the breath happen a particular way.  If we get going on the walking first, focusing on the other aspects, I find that the breath naturally synchronizes and then I can observe the breath without making anything happen.

Also, I find that I will change focuses as I go along which keeps my mind from interfering.  I will focus on stepping, then on words, then on the breath.  After about 15-20 minutes, you’ll find yourself in this beautiful place of peace and serenity with no distractions whatsoever!  It’s actually quite addictive!

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E.V.E.N.T.S. The Villages, FL

E.V.E.N.T.S. The Villages Florida

For interesting happenings in and around The Villages, please go to: to register and sign up for up to date happenings of speakers, events, and clubs in The Villages and surrounding area.  This was formerly Frances’ Interesting Events.

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