A Pure State of Being

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You ask, “What to do with vasanas, the latent tendencies in the mind?  They come so fast.  There is no space to observe them.”

But in the pure state of Being, everything is automatically being converted from negative to positive, from ugly to beauty without the intention of the mind eve.

Such is the Grace of the Self.

It does not have to keep up with the speed of negative reflexes and conditioning.  In fact, such negativity only relates to the one who is conditioned, the “person”.  Awareness is not and cannot be conditioned.

If you are perceiving from the position or identity of the “person”, you will always be late.  Even though you are Awareness essentially, experientially, you are a “person” because that is where your identity is virile.  And as a “person” you have no power.

But if you are Awareness, you can never be late.  Nothing is so fast that it escapes Awareness.  Awareness does not have to respond to or react to anything.  There is nothing to compare it to.  It is the Supreme Consciousness!  It has no competitors because everything is functioning inside its domain by its Grace.  It is your unchallengeable Being.

Recognize and be one with it.

~~~ Mooji, Monte Sahaja 2015


I see myself as Perfect — every second, a new image of perfection, over and over, and over, second after second.

My spiritual life is perfect right now.  All day, every day, perfection always in my mind, knowing how perfect I am in spirit.

I am a perfect expression of perfect love…here and now.

Choose delight, that I am already perfect NOW, a perfect portrait of my spiritual self.  Always ever perfect.  Love knows me this way.  I, do too!

I am not a material being.  I am a perfect expression of Perfect Love.

As I know this, the perfection of my spirit, will affect my belief of body, change it to a mirror of spirit, free of the limits of the world.

Earth is a world that offers beliefs of illness.  I decline them.


It’s not the false beliefs that trouble us…it’s accepting them, gives them power.  I deny that power, refuse it.


Practice over and over, never changing from a recognition of perfection.

When do I stop practicing?


(Excerpted from Illusions II by Richard Bach)


“The UnBorn Buddha Mind”

buddha_figurine_marble_222546The Buddha Mind, unborn and marvelously illuminating, is like a bright mirror. A mirror reflects whatever is in front of it. It is not deliberately trying to reflect things.  Likewise, when the object being reflected is removed, the mirror isn’t trying not to reflect it, but when it’s taken away it doesn’t appear in the mirror. The Unborn Buddha Mind is just like this.   Bankei

Bankei (1622-1693)
Bankei was a well-known Japanese Zen Buddhist teacher, and the abbot of the Ryomonji and Nyohoji monasteries. He is most famous now, as he was in his own time, for his doctrine of  ‘the unborn’.

“Rather than try to become a Buddha, when you just stay constantly in the unborn mind, sleeping in it when you sleep, up and about in it when you’re awake, you’re a living Buddha in your everyday life — at all times.”

Thank You!

photoI would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who attends the Energy Meditation Group for the most wonderful gift and cards last week at our Holiday Social.  I cannot begin to tell you what a joy and honor it is to bring us all together and do what we do each week!  I know I say this all the time that it is so much fun for me and I really do mean that.  If I could do this 24 hours a day, I would!

It is so moving for me to hear of transformations and healings occurring all the time.  What a beautiful location we live in and so blessed to be able to get together each week at Lake Miona Rec Center to share, learn, and grow.

Thanks again and I excitedly look forward to moving forward into 2015 for another grand year.

What is Meditation

Meditation is the process of getting to know myself completely, both who I am “inside” and how I react to what is “outside”. Above all, meditation is ‘enjoying myself’ in the literal sense of those words. Through meditation, I discover a very different ‘me’ from perhaps the stressed or troubled person who may seem superficially to be ‘me’. I realize that my true nature, the real me, is actually very positive. I begin to discover an ocean of peace right here on my own doorstep.

“Practical Meditation” from the Brahma Kumaris Organization